Top Vegan Restaurants in Coventry for You to Try With Your Escort

Coventry has a lot of things to offer to tourists. One of the main reasons why people come to Coventry is the variety of food that one can try here. From the local cuisines to the world cuisines, you can spend time exploring all the delicious food here. If you are a vegan and worried about not getting the right food here, you are mistaken. It has many vegan restaurants that are highly recommended by tourists.

The top vegan restaurants in Coventry which you should definitely try are listed below –

Twisted Barrel Ale

This place is among the most loved ones by the people in and around Coventry. It is strategically located in the Fargo Village which operates a hundred percent vegan brewery. They are currently being operated on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays where you can go with your friends and enjoy the vegan beers and at the same time try out some of the tastiest vegan recipes. This is actually a must visit when you are in or around the region of Coventry.

Falafel Corner

Falafel corner is one of the recently opened vegan restaurants in Coventry, yet it has attracted a considerable number of customers. It is ideally located in central Coventry that serves falafel wraps and salads along with a large selection of smoothies and fresh juices which are just awesome to taste. Moreover, all the drinks and the foods that are served are prepared in fresh in front of the customers. The seating area is small, but you can simply use the option to take away packed food which is the option utilized by many.

Soma Gourmet Salads

As indicated by the name of the restaurant, it has a lot to offer in terms of salads. It offers a wide range of seasonal salads and a lot of other delicious recipes as well which makes it the most suitable place for the vegans. It is located in central Coventry, and those residing or working in and around central Coventry can have the food delivered to their address at no extra cost. This restaurant is only for taking away packed food, and no seating arrangement is present. This restaurant offers the food at reasonable prices which makes it easier to be afforded.

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