An Exotic Getaway at Home

Lily 4When it comes to exotic, London is probably the least exotic it gets… This is not to say that London isn’t a wonderful place to be or a fun location but the fact that if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting and, well, exotic it’s pretty hard to find that within London. Thankfully we Londoners think up of everything and if we want exotic without ever having to leave the comfort of our homes (or paying the hefty price tag that comes with those exotic locations) then all you need to do is find ways to bring the comfort of sunny islands right to your home.

With so much Asian influence sweeping the nation you can actually get many lovely and exotic experiences brought to your home or even your hotel room. There are tantric massage outcalls all over the city available from agencies like Tantric Dolls (which can be found at and if you’ve never had one then you’re missing out on a true erotic experience that takes you from wherever you are to a completely different ambiance and a completely different mindset altogether. You see these massages are authentic Asian massages and they provide you with bits and pieces of these locations. The heat generated during the massage thanks to the rubbing of both bodies will leave you feeling the warn air of Thailand or of a refreshing Japanese summer breeze. The oils used have the ability to make any room smell like a passionate romantic getaway and the dim lighting you usually have the massage in will make you feel like you’re surrounded by candlelight in the middle of a warm beach in Bali. As for the massage itself… it’s like living a great summer romance complete with all the passion of a one-time encounter hat is meaningful and completely erotic. These massages are simply a wonderful way to warm up even the coldest days in London and to have a one night getaway to a destination that brings together all of Asia’s best and creates a space just for you and your masseuse.

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