Visit Wales: A series of places to bring your escort to in Cardiff

Whenever I take a trip to Wales, I always plan a bunch of places and locations to visit with whichever escort I have booked to accompany me on my vacation. Over the years I’ve visited many haunts in Cardiff, pubs, bars, monuments, museums, churches; if you’ve heard of it I’ve probably taken one of my Cardiff escorts there. Which is strange, because whenever I go abroad I tends to take a clean slate with me and just wander aimlessly. Because of my comprehensive time spent in Wales, especially in the city of Cardiff I am in a unique position to hand out my wisdom and opinion on the subject of being a tourist in this area. This article will outline a few of my favorite locations I’ve visited on my forays to the land of the Welsh. Please bear in mind that I shall tailor this list specifically in the context of a good place to go with an escort in Cardiff.

Nice visual of the Mermaid Quay in Cardiff

A somewhat random list of good Cardiff locations to bring your escort

  • Take a charming stroll along Mermaid Quay. I must say I’ve never been particularly fond of walking or surprise exercise, but going for a little walkabout along the waterfront and maybe a nice reservation at a decent restaurant is definitely a wonderful way to spend an entire day. There are plenty of shops, bars, and numerous other events and activities in the area, you will really be spoilt for choice on the Mermaid Quay.
  • Watch a show at the New Theatre. A former escort of mine rustled up this idea on one of our sabbaticals, and we were pleasantly surprised by some great performances. I highly recommend watching something you haven’t seen before!
  • The Cardiff Story. My last trip to Cardiff featured a brief visit to the Cardiff Story museum and I thought it warranted a mention. It’s got some pretty cool exhibits that might be up your alley, quite a lot of interesting history stuff too!
  • Catch a performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. It might be a little difficult to line up your trip to Cardiff with a good musical performance at this massive and gorgeous venue, but it’s definitely worth it. An orchestral performance at this college is a really brilliant place to bring your Cardiff escort for a romantic evening.
  • Go shopping in Cardiff bay. There’s really no better place in Wales to shop than Cardiff bay. Whether you plan to splurge cash on your escort or just buy some toiletries, seriously consider having a wander around the bay. It’s a hub of activity and there’s plenty of local sights to see.
  • Grab a ticket and hop on one of the boat or ferry trips available in Cardiff. Nobody likes bus tours, and going on a dull tour in a bus around the city is pretty much the number one way to not only bore yourself, but your Cardiff escort too. However, if you grab some of the many cruise tickets available in Cardiff, you’re set for a pleasant journey and you can even knock back a few drinks.

Beautiful shot of the Welsh Royal College

Do any of these ideas sound appealing to you?

The goal of this article wasn’t particularly to lead you and your escort directly to the perfect things to do in Cardiff, but more to give you a few ideas and spark your imagination. Wales has plenty more to offer than the activities listed above. It’s up to you to find something to suit you and your escorts tastes!

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