Become a London Escort with International Bunnies

What is an International Bunnies Escort

At International Bunnies, they are always on the lookout for London Models and High Class Call Girls. An agency with years of expertise and industry experience, they are a popular and sucessful escort agency who bring a fresh new approach to the escorting industry by offering a luxury servicice.

Our uncompromising standards mean that we have very high expectations of the escorts that we represent. We do not hire ladies who are alcolhol or drug dependant and we insist that all the ladies who we represent can fit into all social circles.

An international Bunnies London Escort is beautfil and accomplished, with an open mind and a love of the finer things in life. Their beautiful escorts are often models, with a high level of education and a love of earning large sums of money. They have a strong work ethicvh and are incredibly professional and discreet.

Their London escorts wear only the finest clothes and the hottest fashions, their vast wardobes contain a collection of fine outfits which are quickly adapted to suit any formal occasion. They love dressing up in sexy lingerie and enjoy receiving luxurious gifts from their gentleman friends.

An International Bunnies Escort is confident and exciting and loves the limelight. They are an adventupris and thrilling lover and thrive on an active and threilling sex life. They know how to keep a secret and never reveal their indescretions. They love the luxurious life of a high class escort, the independence of earning their own money and the thrill of meeting new poplw.

What is expected of an International Bunnies Escort

For those hoping for a career as an escort with International Bunnies, you can expect an excellent escorting career at one of London’s most elite and exclusive escort agencies. If you’re interested in making money by doing something that you love, Internatioanl Bunnies offers their exclusive companions the opportunity to earn large amount of money, acting as a companion to a selection of London’s most elite and high earning gentlemen.

If you’re a fiery redhead, a busty blonde or a beautiful brunette, International Bunnies would love to hear from you. We always have vacancies available for beautiful London Models and educated beautifies who are over 21 years of age and legally entitles to work in the UK.

As one of their London Escorts, you are expected to be highly articulate and speak an excellent level of English. Their Escorts are both charming and friendly and know how to engage with their people from all walks of life.  An International Bunnies Escort is educated to an excellent standard and can hold her own in stimulating conversation with a like-minded individual.

As High Class London Escort you are expected to refrain from alcohol and substance abuse as this will not be tolerated by the agency. Their Escorts are exp[ected to have a very strong work ethic, with lots of evening commitemnts in order to reap the rewards of their hard work.

An International Bunnies Escort is not expected to have sex with their clients. However, we do understand that with two consenting adults, these things do happen. The agency accepts no responsibility for the activities that you engage in during your date but we do expect you to act responsibly at all times.

Becvaue an International Bunnies Escort is an elite London escort, they are expected to take great care of their appearance. We like our ladies to be well groomed and with firm, toned bodies. Our escorts are the best that London can offer, we expect these high standards to be maintained at all times.

We have a 100% privacy guarantee so we don’t expect our escorts to gossip or tell tales. An International Bunnies Escort is incredibly discreet and can be trusted with their clients most intimate secrets.

What are the benefits of becoming an International Bunnies Escort

International Bunnies is a professional and highly respected London Based Escort Agency and will never ask for a joining fee. In retun for our representation, our escorts are provided with the support and help you need to enjoy a long and successful career as a high class escort.

Because we carefully choose the girls that we represent, we know exactly who is suitable for the evening in question. You won’t feel out of your depth or unable to connect with your gentleman caller because we know exactly the right girl for the job in hand.

Also, because International Bunnies keeps a full track of your whereabouts and screens all prospective clients, you’re safety is paramount and you aren’t exposed to uneccessary risk. This kind of support is not possible when working as an independent escort and this can put you in harms way.

International Bunnies Escort Agency takes care of all appointments, price negotiations and advertising. Therefore you needn’t worry about any uncomfortable formaslities during your date, it’s all done for you, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying the evening.

As an Escort with an agency, you are free to choose your own hours and work to a schedule that suits your busy life. Work around your studies, knowing that you can earn a very comfortable salary without having to do very much at all.

How do I join the International Bunnies Agency

If you have what it takes to join the highly respected International Bunnies escort agency, complete the contact form on the website and tell us a little about yourself. We are interested in your age, place of residence, clothing size and reasons for becoming an escort.

If we decide to progress your application further, we will send you out a form to complete and return with some natural snapshots of your face and body.All photographs must be recent and cannot be filtered or photshopped.

You will be expected to attend a personal interview with a representative from the agency where we discuss any questions that you may have.

If you suit our requirements, you will be welcomed as a member of the Internationa Bunnies Team.

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