Becoming one of the best escorts in London

It’s not the most unlikely thing to consider if you’re a beautiful young woman residing in the city.  We consider applications from all over the world and we would be happy to speak with you…

However, there are a number of attributes that escorts in London need to have in order for them to be a success; and it’s not all about how good looking you are!  Today we are catering to a much more discerning clientele.  These gentlemen prefer their companions to be more refined, very intelligent and charismatic.  The average client wasn’t overly concerned with this years ago because most of them had a wife or steady girlfriend that fulfilled this need; seeing an escort was just a bit of fun.

Gentlemen today are more often single, incredibly busy and more demanding.  They realise that they don’t have the time for relationships, but recognise the need for female social interaction and the closeness every person needs in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a sharp mind.  So when these gentlemen book escorts in London, they expect the girls they choose to be at their very best.

What it takes to become a success as an escort

If you can understand what we are driving at, then that’s a good start.  If you can recognise that you will be required to deliver everything these gents are looking for in the time they book you, then you’re even closer to getting there.  It really is as simple as this sometimes.  You would be surprised at just how few young women realise that it’s not just about their look; they have to be as sharp as a knife in order to satiate today’s client.

Friendly, with a personality that will make your clients remember you long after you’re gone is what we’re trying to find.  We would much rather have too few escorts in London than pages of girls who can’t deliver what our clients want.  It takes time to build trust with a client group and we have taken this very seriously indeed.  When we represent a new girl, we like her to be everything she needs to be.

  • Personality. Your personality should outshine your looks in many respects.  You need to be the type of person who can interest her clients, challenge them intellectually and take a genuine interest in their lives and what they have to say.
  • Experience. You need to have some life experience at least.  We are aware that a career in escorting starts relatively young, but you should have at least a little experience of travelling and meeting new people before you decide this is what you want to do.  Escorts can be nervous and shy of course, but not to the extent that it disrupts the experience of their client.
  • Availability. It would be very beneficial if you didn’t have too many work or study commitments that would prevent you from seeing clients; particularly at short notice.  Sometimes our clients like to see their chosen companion as soon as possible (often within the hour) and we need to know you can be ready.
  • Fitness. We don’t mean you have to be “fit” in the modern, urban usage of the word; clearly you’re good looking, and if you weren’t there isn’t much you can do about it.  However, you can do something about your overall fitness levels.  You need to be able to stay up late, dash across the city and still have the energy to entertain some of the wealthiest and most important gentlemen in the world.

If you think you have what it takes to become a London escort then consider what you’ve read and get in touch with us if you think you can achieve this.

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