How To Flirt With Style

Flirting is the language we use to display our interest in someone we find attractive. Flirting is fun and can be subtle and seductive or direct and sexual. How you flirt very much depends on your personality.

To make sure you flirt with your high class Kensington escort companion with confidence simply work out your flirting style.


Polite Flirting

Gentlemen who use a polite flirting technique value good manners and nonsexual communication. The flirting approach is subtle and slow and steady because they do not like to cause offense. High class escorts in Kensington appreciate the attention to detail that the polite flirter uses to his advantage.


Playful Flirting

Playful flirting is fun and the perfect technique to use if you’re a gentleman who is a little nervous or apprehensive. The casual flirting approach focuses on having fun and guarantees that your high class Kensington escort is comfortable and relaxed in your presence.


Sincere Flirting

Gentlemen who prefer to use a sincere flirting approach are confident and know exactly what they want. This flirting style is direct and ideal for building a connection and showing your attractive exclusive Kensington escort company how you’d like the appointment to progress.


Traditional Flirting

Traditional flirting is the preferred flirting technique of gentlemen who value the classic gender roles. Traditional masculine and feminine qualities are respected by this approach, which means that the gentleman expects to do the chasing. Your exclusive Kensington escort companion will delight in playing the passive feminine role and will love being wooed by a true gent.


Physical Flirting

Gentlemen who prefer a more physical form of flirting style understand how to use rapport to build chemistry and a connection. This gentleman expresses sexual interest through his body language so his high class Kensington escort companion will have no doubts about how attractive he thinks she is.


What Works For You?

Most people use a combination of flirting techniques when they want to show interest. This can be complementary styles of flirting like physical and polite or a less obvious combination like traditional and playful. The style of flirting that is likely to appeal the most to you will be influenced by your personality and manner.

If you’re a gentlemen who appreciates and values the companionship of an exclusive Kensington escort you will be more drawn towards showing this through use of polite and playful flirting techniques.

Flirting can easily be tweaked so that you complement your companion’s flirting style. As long as you’re getting a positive response from your high class London escort you’re doing it right, whatever style you use.

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