Why i love Singapore Supreme

I just love the Singapore Supreme website. I have used loads of escort agencies in the past but none have captivated me as much as http://singaporesupreme.com/ has done for a number of reason which i will explain in the article. Singapore Supreme offer to be me something that no other services offer which is the principal reason for why i keep on using the website all of the time – that something is the opportunity to meet beautiful ladies who are genuine models. Yes that is really true; the ladies are all in professional modelling companies and some of them are even rather famous. For me this prospect was almost too good to be true and i was really sceptical about calling them up because it is not possible to meet real models for erotic liaisons right? Wrong, and this is exactly what i found out when i went to call them and actually make a booking.

For the most part you will not find prices for the time you spend with a particular lady. After calling them up i got a grasp on why it is they do not put prices on the website: they are very expensive! This is a little but of a harsh joke really because it is not entirely true in fact the price tag enforced the that that the service was real. The high class escorts at Singapore supreme are not your average girls so the prices will vary depending on a number of variables. The first one being where you are because the agency offers international travel you will find that the ladies will have to travel great distances to see you. It is worth noting how amazing this really is because who gets the chance to have a beautiful English rose from London come on holiday with you? Gentlemen who book from Singapore Supreme, that’s who.


You have to be slightly affluent yourself or at least have a fantastic amount of money to burn when seeing these London escorts. If you have the cash and you are not afraid to use it then this is the first places that you should call because it is unspeakably awesome to chill with the London escorts and the other women from this escort agency. I have had the pleasure of meeting several of the ladies and they were very well spoken and fun to be around, once you get talking and having fun you will seriously fall in love and maybe want to marry!

If you don’t believe me then it is really unfortunate because I am telling you the truth however the only way to really see what you have been missing out is to go for it and give them a call. I was filled with the same scepticism as you are right now but i can honestly say from experience that it was a decision that i have never regretted and it has made my life just that bit better.


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