What i think about the London escorts service

Time to write a little about my favourite thing in life, the London escorts and for those of you who don’t know I have a favourite agency in London, the agency has been my baby, I have sent countless nights perfecting what we do, as our regulars will know not only do we work hard on providing you with the best girls but we also make sure that when you visit our site you get a great end user experience. You see at my favourite agency it’s not about getting you to book once, we want your custom time and time again that is really important to us. I would rather have ten returning customers than 20 new ones because when we get returning customers we know that we are doing the job right. Would you use a return to a website that wasn’t user friendly, would you go back to a site that took ages to load up – I know that I would not and that is why we work on the website like we do. We have updated our servers, this helps no one out but the end user, now you are guaranteed to experience a site that loads as quick as any other escort website out there, and there will be no crashes during the loading of pages. We have been given a 99.99% uptime, nothing is perfect and there will always be blips so no one can say that a website will be live 100%, like most things in life that is just impossible.


As you all know, will hopefully most of you, we operate a no fake images policy, that means that each girl that you see on the website is the girl that you will meet for your date. I know how disappointing it is to have a girl arrive at your door or you arrive at hers and find that the pictures are a far cry from reality. You would not believe how many girls we have send us fake photos, we even had one that had copied the photos from our own site and thought that she could get away with it. Come on we know our own girls, we meet up with them nearly every week, they are continually popping in and out of the office, we socialize together. Case in point last week we had 34 girls apply to work alongside us, out of those 34 we accepted 2. Only two meet with the standards that we set but the really funny thing is about 5 of the ones we turned down are appearing on other peoples sites, ok their professional photos may be good but in real life – OH MY!


Do yourself favour when you are wanting to book an escort in London, use a agency with a great reputation, use one that you can see care and attention has gone into it. There are a handful of these escort agencies left in London.

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