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First off i would like to state that i am not here to tell you where to spend your money or what service to choose, i am simply offering my expertise as an SEO in the escort industry. It is important to have a clear understanding of what you are planning to achieve, which in most cases is more money! But there are many downfalls in SEO so it’s probably best to commit to some research before hand; hopefully i can contribute to that knowledge.

How does your agency look to clients?

The first, and one of the most important factors that will make an online agency win of fail is the presentation of the website, it may seem common knowledge but it is often overlooked Because there is no use starting a back linking campaign when nobody would ever make a booking because of poor representation. Your new agency website needs to be easy to navigate, feature good content such as a good description of your agency including the main keywords (i would say atleast 500 words on the homepage to give Google a clear understanding of your site.) There should be a gallery page to show off all of your girls a ‘new’ escorts area to attract attention to the latest talent. Girl profile pages should include all relevant stats, good description and high quality images presented in an orderly fashion. The site should look professional i.e. a good layout and an effective colour scheme. All of these features should keep you’re punters interested. London escorts

How will Google look at my site?

The way that google calculates where your site will appear in the search engine is by sending ‘bots’ or ‘spiders’ to your website these gather all the data of your site and send it back to Google to be ranked by the algorithm. So the first step i would take is to make sure the code of the site is to standard. What is the standard? The current web standard is using pure HTML and CSS which is what search engine bots are optimized for. If the site is built in ‘tables’ which are considered a no go in the world of SEO, because immediately you will run into problems such as a very long wait for the site to be indexed. You will also want to make sure your HTML / CSS is valid this site: will advise you on potential problems and how to amend them. The Title tag is what you click on in the search engines and is one of the most important factors in ranking a webpage well a good title will be descriptive and include the exact key phrase at least once. Having great fresh content is essential for good Google rankings. To please search engines you could add ‘latest news’ section a twitter feed or the new Facebook feeds, which pulls the content of your Facebook page and displays in the feed users can also ‘like’ these posts, which is good for ‘user-generated’ backlinks. In the next step, I will talk about sitemaps and monitoring your progression.

Google analytics and webmaster

These are the two best tools for monitoring your site on the net. From webmaster tools you can look at impressions, track crawl stats and the ability to submit sitemaps directly to Google. Once you have completed this you will be able to watch traffic increase and be able to track on site problems.

Online promotion

You should create agency listings and escort profiles on the most popular escort directories, you can find these be searching keyword such as “London escort directory” some are free and some you have to pay for, before paying you should look at the “alexa rank” of the site and the “page rank” to determine the quality of inbound links to your domain.

I hope i have pointed out some important factors when setting up a successful online escort agency, i will be writing a more detailed article specifically on escort site promotion next. Finding a good London escorts directory would also be a good idea.

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