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How to book an escort

Looking to book an escort can be a very challenging and frustrating process. Not only is it difficult to find a trustworthy and legitimate site that won’t take your money, but it’s also important to find one that delivers exactly what they promise.

So if you want to get what you pay for, take a read of this article and bear in mind some of the more important points. The days of receiving over the odds for a poor service is over today!

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Getting started

If you want to arrange a meeting with a working girl the first place to start is online. Try Google for an escort website that features profiles of ladies in your local area. Once you have found a suitable site, make sure you thoroughly browse and learn as much as you can about how they operate. Here is an example of a reliable legitimate London Escorts site. Dior Escorts is the leading escort agency in London making them the biggest agency in the United Kingdom. There must be a very good reason why they have become number one. That is why we recommend Dior as a great place to start when searching for your dream girl.

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Finding a girl

A good escort website contains a roster of gorgeous women categorised by location, type, or price. Once you select a picture you should be taken to a page with various information about the girl. Learn more about the model’s personalities, features and services that they provide. Take your time browsing profiles and make your choice.

Dior London escort

Booking an escort

Most escort agencies book girls by phone number, email, or directly through the website. If you want the approach with the least fuss and nonsense, you should call directly and chat with someone who can arrange the details promptly. If you contact them indirectly be prepared for some correspondence, which might result in you having to call them anyway. Our personal opinion, it that calling the agency is always the best options as you have the opportunity to ask questions and ease any of the nerves you may have.

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Arrange a date

There are typically two types of booking, incall and outcall. Incall refers to going to meet an escort at her place. Outcall tends to be more expensive but it means the escort will come to you. If you would like to indulge in roleplay, fetishes or uniforms you should contact the agency in advance so they can make special arrangements for your date. Once you set up a meeting you’re good to go!

Have fun!

Here are a few tips to bear in mind, they should help the process go along smoothly:

  • Be polite when booking and meeting the escort. This is common sense.
  • Check if the agencies models have a selfie gallery, which will help you see how much she looks like her images.
  • Do NOT make any kind of payments until the escort has delivered. There are a lot of scam websites online.
  • Use a condom if you don’t want an STD.
  • Stay safe. Just because it looks legitimate doesn’t mean that it is.

Top Vegan Restaurants in Coventry for You to Try With Your Escort

Coventry has a lot of things to offer to tourists. One of the main reasons why people come to Coventry is the variety of food that one can try here. From the local cuisines to the world cuisines, you can spend time exploring all the delicious food here. If you are a vegan and worried about not getting the right food here, you are mistaken. It has many vegan restaurants that are highly recommended by tourists.

The top vegan restaurants in Coventry which you should definitely try are listed below –

Twisted Barrel Ale

This place is among the most loved ones by the people in and around Coventry. It is strategically located in the Fargo Village which operates a hundred percent vegan brewery. They are currently being operated on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays where you can go with your friends and enjoy the vegan beers and at the same time try out some of the tastiest vegan recipes. This is actually a must visit when you are in or around the region of Coventry.

Falafel Corner

Falafel corner is one of the recently opened vegan restaurants in Coventry, yet it has attracted a considerable number of customers. It is ideally located in central Coventry that serves falafel wraps and salads along with a large selection of smoothies and fresh juices which are just awesome to taste. Moreover, all the drinks and the foods that are served are prepared in fresh in front of the customers. The seating area is small, but you can simply use the option to take away packed food which is the option utilized by many.

Soma Gourmet Salads

As indicated by the name of the restaurant, it has a lot to offer in terms of salads. It offers a wide range of seasonal salads and a lot of other delicious recipes as well which makes it the most suitable place for the vegans. It is located in central Coventry, and those residing or working in and around central Coventry can have the food delivered to their address at no extra cost. This restaurant is only for taking away packed food, and no seating arrangement is present. This restaurant offers the food at reasonable prices which makes it easier to be afforded.

You do not have to be all alone while in Coventry and make your stay here more exciting with our Coventry escorts who are here to entertain you. We give you a wide range of the best looking escorts available tonight who perform their job in a breathtaking manner. They are going to take away the feeling of tiredness and filly you with excitement. If you are looking for unforgettable pleasure and delight, our new escorts in Coventry are considered to be the most professional and delicate escorts.

Even the choosiest of man will be surprised to find our escorts to be the dream girl of their lives. They possess all the qualities that you would want in them and will take care of you in an exotic manner.

London Tantric Massage

An Exotic Getaway at Home

Lily 4When it comes to exotic, London is probably the least exotic it gets… This is not to say that London isn’t a wonderful place to be or a fun location but the fact that if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting and, well, exotic it’s pretty hard to find that within London. Thankfully we Londoners think up of everything and if we want exotic without ever having to leave the comfort of our homes (or paying the hefty price tag that comes with those exotic locations) then all you need to do is find ways to bring the comfort of sunny islands right to your home.

With so much Asian influence sweeping the nation you can actually get many lovely and exotic experiences brought to your home or even your hotel room. There are tantric massage outcalls all over the city available from agencies like Tantric Dolls (which can be found at and if you’ve never had one then you’re missing out on a true erotic experience that takes you from wherever you are to a completely different ambiance and a completely different mindset altogether. You see these massages are authentic Asian massages and they provide you with bits and pieces of these locations. The heat generated during the massage thanks to the rubbing of both bodies will leave you feeling the warn air of Thailand or of a refreshing Japanese summer breeze. The oils used have the ability to make any room smell like a passionate romantic getaway and the dim lighting you usually have the massage in will make you feel like you’re surrounded by candlelight in the middle of a warm beach in Bali. As for the massage itself… it’s like living a great summer romance complete with all the passion of a one-time encounter hat is meaningful and completely erotic. These massages are simply a wonderful way to warm up even the coldest days in London and to have a one night getaway to a destination that brings together all of Asia’s best and creates a space just for you and your masseuse.

Essex Escorts

Exclusive Essex Escorts with Katies Kent

Essex Escorts have quickly developed a great reputation for the high standard of decorum, elegance and class that they permeate towards any man lucky enough to share a space with them. The escorts in Essex that Katies Kent recruit are amongst some of the finest escorts Essex has to offer and whilst maintaining a certain level of class are also promiscuous, sexy, interesting and available at a reasonable price.

The Oldest Profession, Escorts in Essex

Nickie - Katies Kent EscortsEssex itself is a county in England located near the north-east of London and near the eastern coast of England. This area is home to Britain’s oldest recorded town ‘Colchester’ which resonates as an underlying theme for Essex and it’s inhabitants; being a county filled with rich culture, history and tradition it’s no surprise that the worlds oldest profession is thriving here and proving to be a testament to the high calibre of women that reside in Essex.

In terms of activities, Essex is a large county with an even more massive selection of interesting venues, bustling stores and entertainment options. If you are in pursuit of the ultimate Essex escort experience make sure you take the time to visit Katies Kent, one of the most highly demanded and enterprising Essex escort agencies around.

Have an Adventurous Booking with the Escorts Essex Have Available

Nickie - Katies Kent Escort ModelNext time you venture towards Essex ensure that you undertake an adventurous approach so that you are able to make the most of what this picturesque and exciting area has to offer. If you choose to visit Essex with one of our companions make sure you take the time to take good look at everything this place has to offer and plan your booking to ensure that the time you spend with one of our escorts in Essex is absolutely amazing.

If you’re a culture buff there is plenty of history here, along with the option to visit a theatre or one of the many musical performances that can be found throughout Essex. If a more traditional booking is up your street make sure you take the time to research and read reviews about the many beautiful hotels and fine restaurants in the area. Our Kent and Essex escort agency provides some of the most gorgeous escorts Essex has to offer and with this it goes hand in hand that they appreciate luxury and fine dining. To get your booking off to a good start feel free to enquire about our girls to help plan your booking, this will make sure that the time you spend with your companion is perfect and no moment is wasted.

Learn More About our Essex Escort Agency

Whether you’re new to the area or a long-standing resident you can be sure that any time you spend with one of our escorts in Essex will be time well spent and will leave you with memories, experiences and lessons that will only serve to improve your future. To learn more about Katies Kent Escorts and the services that we provide please take the time to visit our website where you can read blogs, statistics and information about our agency and the Essex escorts we provide.

London escorts

Arrival of summer

We’ve made it through another winter. At long last, the clocks have changed, the temperatures are starting to become a little more clement, and we have the beginnings of light evenings. No more trudging home under the cloak of darkness. No more looking out the window, wondering if it’s 4pm or midnight. Sufferers of Seasonal Effective Disorder begin to emerge, blinking at the light, their cares finally over. Could there be any better time than this to experience the pleasures of gay escorts London? The warmth on our skin begins to make us feel more sensual, more passionate, more adventurous. It’s time to throw convention to the wind and embark on whatever your heart desires. For some, that will be trying a new restaurant, perhaps one with pavement seating. For others, lawn tennis and croquet start coming into their own again. And some of us will feel the call of the wild, and throw ourselves into new affairs, relationships, or other kinds of erotic encounters.

Gay escorts London are known for their striking good looks and their lack of inhibition. Sometimes, they can free you from restraint, helping you to view yourself in a brand new way. If you’ve been feeling stuck, penned in by wintry weather and with limited horizons, then booking a date with one of these gorgeous men could be just what you need to break out of your self-imposed prison. Now that the cold, damp and drizzle of autumn and winter are in the past, the moment has come to ask yourself what it is you want. One of the scourges it’s most important to liberate ourselves from is the worry about what others think of us. Some people live their lives guided by this repressing principle. The truth is, although we can certainly influence the way others see us, doing so is a hollow victory. We lose sight of who we are and we begin to become manipulative. How much freer we all would be if we dispensed with such concerns.

One way you can celebrate the arrival of summer while simultaneously changing the way you see yourself is to get together with gay escorts London. Some of them are stocky, others are clad in lean muscle. And some are in between. But what all of them share is a readiness to help their clients experience their true essences and no longer be lost in artifice and pretense. They are talented men who should almost be viewed as therapists. Once you’ve allowed yourself the indulgence of a day, afternoon or night with them, you won’t ever be quite the same; a subtle shift will have occurred, and you’ll have been spurred on to a new and better life.

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Visit Wales: A series of places to bring your escort to in Cardiff

Whenever I take a trip to Wales, I always plan a bunch of places and locations to visit with whichever escort I have booked to accompany me on my vacation. Over the years I’ve visited many haunts in Cardiff, pubs, bars, monuments, museums, churches; if you’ve heard of it I’ve probably taken one of my Cardiff escorts there. Which is strange, because whenever I go abroad I tends to take a clean slate with me and just wander aimlessly. Because of my comprehensive time spent in Wales, especially in the city of Cardiff I am in a unique position to hand out my wisdom and opinion on the subject of being a tourist in this area. This article will outline a few of my favorite locations I’ve visited on my forays to the land of the Welsh. Please bear in mind that I shall tailor this list specifically in the context of a good place to go with an escort in Cardiff.

Nice visual of the Mermaid Quay in Cardiff

A somewhat random list of good Cardiff locations to bring your escort

  • Take a charming stroll along Mermaid Quay. I must say I’ve never been particularly fond of walking or surprise exercise, but going for a little walkabout along the waterfront and maybe a nice reservation at a decent restaurant is definitely a wonderful way to spend an entire day. There are plenty of shops, bars, and numerous other events and activities in the area, you will really be spoilt for choice on the Mermaid Quay.
  • Watch a show at the New Theatre. A former escort of mine rustled up this idea on one of our sabbaticals, and we were pleasantly surprised by some great performances. I highly recommend watching something you haven’t seen before!
  • The Cardiff Story. My last trip to Cardiff featured a brief visit to the Cardiff Story museum and I thought it warranted a mention. It’s got some pretty cool exhibits that might be up your alley, quite a lot of interesting history stuff too!
  • Catch a performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. It might be a little difficult to line up your trip to Cardiff with a good musical performance at this massive and gorgeous venue, but it’s definitely worth it. An orchestral performance at this college is a really brilliant place to bring your Cardiff escort for a romantic evening.
  • Go shopping in Cardiff bay. There’s really no better place in Wales to shop than Cardiff bay. Whether you plan to splurge cash on your escort or just buy some toiletries, seriously consider having a wander around the bay. It’s a hub of activity and there’s plenty of local sights to see.
  • Grab a ticket and hop on one of the boat or ferry trips available in Cardiff. Nobody likes bus tours, and going on a dull tour in a bus around the city is pretty much the number one way to not only bore yourself, but your Cardiff escort too. However, if you grab some of the many cruise tickets available in Cardiff, you’re set for a pleasant journey and you can even knock back a few drinks.

Beautiful shot of the Welsh Royal College

Do any of these ideas sound appealing to you?

The goal of this article wasn’t particularly to lead you and your escort directly to the perfect things to do in Cardiff, but more to give you a few ideas and spark your imagination. Wales has plenty more to offer than the activities listed above. It’s up to you to find something to suit you and your escorts tastes!

Newcastle escorts

Best Attractions in Newcastle

Newcastle being a very popular and affluent city in the north east there can be many attractions that bring people here, so here is a short list of the sights in Newcastle;

River escapes 

Perfect for the tourist, during the day river escapes complete trips through the bridges of the Tyne showing you the sights from on board their little river cruise, the ship also contains a bar having a few snacks as well as beverages to offer, during the evening the ship can also be turned into a party boat offering music, drinks, a buffet and a party all on one boat, you can also have corporate cruises, festive cruises and celebration cruises. East Quayside Pontoon, Newcastle Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 3DX

Discovery Museum 

Opening in 1899 as you first walk in museum you’ll first see the Turbina a 34 metre steam operated boat which was once the fastest ship in the world, next you’ll find exhibitions on scientific and technological advancements and also an exhibition on the earliest history of Newcastle starting in the Roman occupation of Britain to the early millennium, the first floor is dedicated to the industrial era and maritime past with the start and finish of a soldiers life in Newcastle. Discovery Museum, Blandford Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4JA

Victoria Tunnel 

The Victoria tunnel is a 19th century waggonway spanning under the city to transport coal, in 1939 it was converted into a an air raid shelter to protect thousands of citizens during the war, in 2008 it was repaired and opened for tours and some tours can take 2 hours at most, it is advisable to wear a warm jacket as the tunnel is constantly at 12 degrees c and also wear suitable shoes as it can be muddy in places. Arch 6, Stepney Bank, Tyne & Wear. NE1 2NP

Newcastle Escorts

Newcastle has some of the most beautiful women and the Newcastle Escorts have the best in Newcastle, these girls are gorgeous, beautiful and stunning and know how to make a man smile whatever the case, they’re the best of the best in their profession and can show you a thing or two about a good night.

London escorts

London ignores air quality rules

London Air

In the last decade the public has been made aware of many pollution issues and the world has been very forthcoming trying to prevent a future crisis through recycling and other schemes to clean up after ourselves. In fact, governments have even put laws in place to uphold these standards and keep the world we live in a healthy place.

With barely 11 days since we celebrated the New Year, it’s amusing and terrifying to hear that London has already failed to adhere to the legislation on air-quality rules for 2016. London has some of the most polluted streets in the world, a fact that is reflected by their main roads consistently breaking the limit throughout the year.

Dirty London Streets

The rules, set in place in the EU have been put in place to ensure that the levels of toxicity in the city caused by nitrogen dioxides emitted by cars; do not exceed dangerous stages. It’s not surprising considering that last year, Oxford Street managed to break the rules barely two days into 2015. If you’re looking for a comprehensive breakdown of London’s air, take a look at the London Air Quality Network.

London’s main plan to deal with the air pollution problem revolves around taxing older Diesel emitting vehicles manufactured before 2014. The charges will be £12.50 for vans and cars, followed by £100 for any trucks or buses. This plan will come into effect in 2020. Although it’s very blunt way to force drivers to change to a more environment friendly vehicle, it should encourage some fresh air into the city. Who wants to take an elite London escort out in this dirty air?


Shockingly, residents of the capital of the U.K. are actually more at risk of death from polluted air than a car crash. Despite Diesel cars producing less carbon dioxide (causes global warming) than petrol, they also create more pollution in other ways. Nitrogen Oxide, one of these gases- is actually pretty dangerous to human health. This is exactly why it’s a major concern for both politics and the public alike.

Even though it should be a priority to clean up the air in London, it’s a difficult paradigm change to make when our country is deeply invested in the vehicles we currently own. Imposing a heavier charge or more extreme measure to make the air in London healthier to breathe would very unreasonable and inconvenient to both businesses and individuals.

London London escorts

Paddington escorts come to your apartment too!

Many of you will already be aware that booking Paddington escorts to visit you in an apartment is much easier, less stressful and more discreet than having the girls come to your room…

Not that the Paddington escorts you book through us would have any difficulty accessing the very highest quality hotels in the city of course. However, apartments are sometimes much more convenient, and of course, no-one sees you coming and going; or if they do, they don’t much care what you’re up to! We’ve had a little look at some of the best places for you to book apartments around Paddington. If this is where you’re coming into London, it’s going to be especially useful to you; particularly if your business is around the area too.

  • Go Native. This is a wonderful website that offers apartments all over London, not just Paddington. Their serviced apartments are perfectly located for all the action and they allow you to come and go as you please. Not to mention of course, inviting as many Paddington escorts as you like back to “your” place.
  • Hyde Park Suites. Another great place to book your own apartment. For those who have a passion for comfort and homely feel, the Hyde Park Suites offer everything you want, as well as your valuable privacy. You can get apartments for around £200 a night here!
  • Fountain House. Not too far away from Paddington, these serviced apartments are all located around Bayswater. Should you find one of our Paddington escorts in the gallery that takes your fancy, they’re not beyond coming to see you wherever you are in the city.
  • Chilworth Court. Now these guys have earned our respect because they go the extra mile. The apartments themselves are fantastic and in many ways better than five star hotel suites. We would strongly urge you to click the link and take a look. Modern in design and including all the features you would expect, Chilworth Court even have a breakfast delivery service!

So, if you plan to stay for an extended period in London, book an apartment. In many cases it can be much cheaper, it’s private, and it feels like a home away from home! Going out to dinner when you rent an apartment in the city is always so much more enjoyable, because you get to go “home” when you’re done. We’re sure you will agree that when you’re returning to your hotel, no matter how luxurious it is, it’s never quite like going home. You don’t have other guests to encounter, you don’t have hotel reception staff to negotiate, and more importantly, your Paddington escorts are welcome at any time they like, for as long as they like!

Take a moment to look at the Paddington escorts from London Deluxe…

London London escorts

Become a London Escort with International Bunnies

What is an International Bunnies Escort

At International Bunnies, they are always on the lookout for London Models and High Class Call Girls. An agency with years of expertise and industry experience, they are a popular and sucessful escort agency who bring a fresh new approach to the escorting industry by offering a luxury servicice.

Our uncompromising standards mean that we have very high expectations of the escorts that we represent. We do not hire ladies who are alcolhol or drug dependant and we insist that all the ladies who we represent can fit into all social circles.

An international Bunnies London Escort is beautfil and accomplished, with an open mind and a love of the finer things in life. Their beautiful escorts are often models, with a high level of education and a love of earning large sums of money. They have a strong work ethicvh and are incredibly professional and discreet.

Their London escorts wear only the finest clothes and the hottest fashions, their vast wardobes contain a collection of fine outfits which are quickly adapted to suit any formal occasion. They love dressing up in sexy lingerie and enjoy receiving luxurious gifts from their gentleman friends.

An International Bunnies Escort is confident and exciting and loves the limelight. They are an adventupris and thrilling lover and thrive on an active and threilling sex life. They know how to keep a secret and never reveal their indescretions. They love the luxurious life of a high class escort, the independence of earning their own money and the thrill of meeting new poplw.

What is expected of an International Bunnies Escort

For those hoping for a career as an escort with International Bunnies, you can expect an excellent escorting career at one of London’s most elite and exclusive escort agencies. If you’re interested in making money by doing something that you love, Internatioanl Bunnies offers their exclusive companions the opportunity to earn large amount of money, acting as a companion to a selection of London’s most elite and high earning gentlemen.

If you’re a fiery redhead, a busty blonde or a beautiful brunette, International Bunnies would love to hear from you. We always have vacancies available for beautiful London Models and educated beautifies who are over 21 years of age and legally entitles to work in the UK.

As one of their London Escorts, you are expected to be highly articulate and speak an excellent level of English. Their Escorts are both charming and friendly and know how to engage with their people from all walks of life.  An International Bunnies Escort is educated to an excellent standard and can hold her own in stimulating conversation with a like-minded individual.

As High Class London Escort you are expected to refrain from alcohol and substance abuse as this will not be tolerated by the agency. Their Escorts are exp[ected to have a very strong work ethic, with lots of evening commitemnts in order to reap the rewards of their hard work.

An International Bunnies Escort is not expected to have sex with their clients. However, we do understand that with two consenting adults, these things do happen. The agency accepts no responsibility for the activities that you engage in during your date but we do expect you to act responsibly at all times.

Becvaue an International Bunnies Escort is an elite London escort, they are expected to take great care of their appearance. We like our ladies to be well groomed and with firm, toned bodies. Our escorts are the best that London can offer, we expect these high standards to be maintained at all times.

We have a 100% privacy guarantee so we don’t expect our escorts to gossip or tell tales. An International Bunnies Escort is incredibly discreet and can be trusted with their clients most intimate secrets.

What are the benefits of becoming an International Bunnies Escort

International Bunnies is a professional and highly respected London Based Escort Agency and will never ask for a joining fee. In retun for our representation, our escorts are provided with the support and help you need to enjoy a long and successful career as a high class escort.

Because we carefully choose the girls that we represent, we know exactly who is suitable for the evening in question. You won’t feel out of your depth or unable to connect with your gentleman caller because we know exactly the right girl for the job in hand.

Also, because International Bunnies keeps a full track of your whereabouts and screens all prospective clients, you’re safety is paramount and you aren’t exposed to uneccessary risk. This kind of support is not possible when working as an independent escort and this can put you in harms way.

International Bunnies Escort Agency takes care of all appointments, price negotiations and advertising. Therefore you needn’t worry about any uncomfortable formaslities during your date, it’s all done for you, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying the evening.

As an Escort with an agency, you are free to choose your own hours and work to a schedule that suits your busy life. Work around your studies, knowing that you can earn a very comfortable salary without having to do very much at all.

How do I join the International Bunnies Agency

If you have what it takes to join the highly respected International Bunnies escort agency, complete the contact form on the website and tell us a little about yourself. We are interested in your age, place of residence, clothing size and reasons for becoming an escort.

If we decide to progress your application further, we will send you out a form to complete and return with some natural snapshots of your face and body.All photographs must be recent and cannot be filtered or photshopped.

You will be expected to attend a personal interview with a representative from the agency where we discuss any questions that you may have.

If you suit our requirements, you will be welcomed as a member of the Internationa Bunnies Team.