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An Exotic Getaway at Home

Lily 4When it comes to exotic, London is probably the least exotic it gets… This is not to say that London isn’t a wonderful place to be or a fun location but the fact that if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting and, well, exotic it’s pretty hard to find that within London. Thankfully we Londoners think up of everything and if we want exotic without ever having to leave the comfort of our homes (or paying the hefty price tag that comes with those exotic locations) then all you need to do is find ways to bring the comfort of sunny islands right to your home.

With so much Asian influence sweeping the nation you can actually get many lovely and exotic experiences brought to your home or even your hotel room. There are tantric massage outcalls all over the city available from agencies like Tantric Dolls (which can be found at and if you’ve never had one then you’re missing out on a true erotic experience that takes you from wherever you are to a completely different ambiance and a completely different mindset altogether. You see these massages are authentic Asian massages and they provide you with bits and pieces of these locations. The heat generated during the massage thanks to the rubbing of both bodies will leave you feeling the warn air of Thailand or of a refreshing Japanese summer breeze. The oils used have the ability to make any room smell like a passionate romantic getaway and the dim lighting you usually have the massage in will make you feel like you’re surrounded by candlelight in the middle of a warm beach in Bali. As for the massage itself… it’s like living a great summer romance complete with all the passion of a one-time encounter hat is meaningful and completely erotic. These massages are simply a wonderful way to warm up even the coldest days in London and to have a one night getaway to a destination that brings together all of Asia’s best and creates a space just for you and your masseuse.

Essex Escorts

Exclusive Essex Escorts with Katies Kent

Essex Escorts have quickly developed a great reputation for the high standard of decorum, elegance and class that they permeate towards any man lucky enough to share a space with them. The escorts in Essex that Katies Kent recruit are amongst some of the finest escorts Essex has to offer and whilst maintaining a certain level of class are also promiscuous, sexy, interesting and available at a reasonable price.

The Oldest Profession, Escorts in Essex

Nickie - Katies Kent EscortsEssex itself is a county in England located near the north-east of London and near the eastern coast of England. This area is home to Britain’s oldest recorded town ‘Colchester’ which resonates as an underlying theme for Essex and it’s inhabitants; being a county filled with rich culture, history and tradition it’s no surprise that the worlds oldest profession is thriving here and proving to be a testament to the high calibre of women that reside in Essex.

In terms of activities, Essex is a large county with an even more massive selection of interesting venues, bustling stores and entertainment options. If you are in pursuit of the ultimate Essex escort experience make sure you take the time to visit Katies Kent, one of the most highly demanded and enterprising Essex escort agencies around.

Have an Adventurous Booking with the Escorts Essex Have Available

Nickie - Katies Kent Escort ModelNext time you venture towards Essex ensure that you undertake an adventurous approach so that you are able to make the most of what this picturesque and exciting area has to offer. If you choose to visit Essex with one of our companions make sure you take the time to take good look at everything this place has to offer and plan your booking to ensure that the time you spend with one of our escorts in Essex is absolutely amazing.

If you’re a culture buff there is plenty of history here, along with the option to visit a theatre or one of the many musical performances that can be found throughout Essex. If a more traditional booking is up your street make sure you take the time to research and read reviews about the many beautiful hotels and fine restaurants in the area. Our Kent and Essex escort agency provides some of the most gorgeous escorts Essex has to offer and with this it goes hand in hand that they appreciate luxury and fine dining. To get your booking off to a good start feel free to enquire about our girls to help plan your booking, this will make sure that the time you spend with your companion is perfect and no moment is wasted.

Learn More About our Essex Escort Agency

Whether you’re new to the area or a long-standing resident you can be sure that any time you spend with one of our escorts in Essex will be time well spent and will leave you with memories, experiences and lessons that will only serve to improve your future. To learn more about Katies Kent Escorts and the services that we provide please take the time to visit our website where you can read blogs, statistics and information about our agency and the Essex escorts we provide.

London Tantric Massage

Taking your Life from Good to Incredible

If you’ve ever wondered why you should even be interested in tantric massages the answer is actually quite simple: pleasure. Is it good to be interested in pleasure? Oh yes, it’s not only good but it’s necessary. Many people say that survival is what keeps us going as human beings, the thought that we may live for another day. While this is true in the direst of situations most of us know that we’re probably going to survive today. What we look for then is how to survive each day better and much more pleasurably than the day before. This is because humans, just like any other creature needs pleasure in order to survive. Pleasure we all get from different things but the most intense form of pleasure for human beings in that that is sensual in nature. It’s because for some reason this is when we have the largest amount of release of feel-good hormones. This is why tantric massages are so alluring… they’re our ultimate form of pleasure, the one way we can naturally achieve ecstasy.thumbnail (25)

Sometimes we feel completely content with life and yet something calls to us… something mysterious, something new, something exciting. This is because no matter how happy we are we also look for that new spike in our happiness. So, looking to get a tantric massage from Minx Massage doesn’t mean we’re not happy but that we want more happiness and not only is that good but it should be embraced. Wanting more out of life, wanting to feel the best that you can should not be something that is ‘reserved’ for special occasions like a nice pair of shoes but something we dive head into, something we shouldn’t be ashamed of. Wanting or even being interested in tantric massages means you’ve identified something that makes you want more so don’t be ashamed, don’t be scared, and come get it. It’s easy, simple and if you live anywhere in London then you’re near some of the best masseuses in the world and they’re just waiting for you to make that booking to take your life from good to incredible in just a few short minutes.

London Tantric Massage

Being Reminded.

There are many articles detailing how relationships end. Most of them talk about differences that were just irreconcilable which is a funny thing to thumbnail (8)think about. What differences can you find out about someone that you didn’t know about when you first got together with them? The truth is that people grow all the time and if we’re not careful we may grow apart. This doesn’t have to be the end of a relationship though, just because you two have fallen out of touch doesn’t mean you can’t still be in love. When talking to a friend who is a twice divorcee I asked her what had happened and she simply replied with ‘I couldn’t tell them what I wanted anymore.’ This wasn’t out of fear but more out of simply not knowing how to speak to one a
nother anymore. It seems like something so simple but truly the one thing that seems to drive people apart the most is lack of communication.

However you got there is irrelevant but if you really want things to not go south once you arrive at the fork in the road you have a choice to make. Either you fix it or bale. So if you want to fix it it’s time you get talking. Talking isn’t always easy but it’s 100% possible. If you don’t know where to start then how about the words ‘I want to get a tantric massage together’ yes, this will surely jolt your partner into existence. The truth is tantric massages, especially from reputable agencies such as London Tantric are a wonderful way to re-learn how to communicate, how to set boundaries, how to ask for what you want. The massage will also remind you both how nice it was to be close to each other physically. If you really feel like giving yourself a fighting chance then why not try something new, sexy, fun and, above all, an activity that will remind you just how much you truly love each other.

London escorts

Shemale Escorts at Yummy London Escorts

Yummy London Escorts is an agency exclusively featuring the best and most beautiful Shemale London escorts, available for your booking pleasure in the city, they also have have a delightful range of gorgeous Asian escorts in London, their gallery has many pages to find a fantastic companion to spend some time with. Yummy Escorts London is a popular choice for ladies and gentlemen who are seeking some adult affection in London.

TS Richey - Yummy London Escorts
TS Richey – Yummy London Escorts

Yummy London Escorts specialize in Shemale Escorts sometimes referred to as T-girls or lady-boys and have developed a fine roster of different Shemale escorts who work throughout the city and surrounding areas. Their gallery is setup so users can browse through their collection of profiles to ensure they get the service they want, the profiles are detailed with Person details, escort rates, reviews and a bio for each of the escorts further ensuring customer satisfaction. Their services range from someone to pass time with to someone to enjoy an NSA relationship with, they also allow customer to book two escorts for one booking.

TS Betty - Yummy London Escorts
TS Betty – Yummy London Escorts

The agency also contains very important information on their blog section for beginners in which will help a lot as they cover many areas that can be sensitive to mention but equally significant, they cover areas on the legalities of Escorting, how to book an appointment with the agency, escort rates and what is an acceptable payment method. All previous points made will help any newcomer with any questions they may have, upholding a high quality of customer service by ensuring they get exactly what they want from the service.

Grace - Yummy London Escorts
Grace – Yummy London Escorts

Overall Yummy London Escorts is a great example if you’re looking for Asian or Shemale Escorts, they provide to the demand of the service very well by upholding a very professional outlook on their business and fill the niche they’ve found extremely well. They support new customers/users with loads of important information and handle their customer service very well with their experience. If you want to set up an encounter with a London Shemale, go to Yummy’s Shemale gallery and see what they have to offer.

Escorts London

Starting an escort agency in London.

So you want to start up and escort agency in London, well welcome to the blog post that you never knew you need to read. You may be wondering what does this random person on the internet know about running an escort agency in London well in fact I know quite a bit about and I have actually ran one for the last 8 months called Companion Concierge. If you want to check it out then head to the website but this blog post isn’t about the agency I run at all in fact we are going to be talking about what you need to know before you start up an agency.

If you have never worked as an escort in London then you are probably off to a pretty bad start as you have no idea what the industry is like. I have seen so many people just come from there normal 9-5 job and set up an agency for it to flop 6 months down the line. If you don’t want to work as an escort before you setup your agency then see if you can speak to a current or former escort so you get a sense for the industry so you don’t approach the situation completely wrong.

You are going to need more than one girl or its just not going to work. As there are so many escort agencies in London you have to compete with all of them if you want to be the one that gets a booking this means you have to have a large selection of companions on display. Try and go for girls who offer something different now that doesn’t mean they all have to be different just that some off them have to offer services or look a certain way from the rest. For example there is no point starting an agency where all the girls have the same physical appearance I.e. brunette hair, blue eyes and perfect proportions as there is not variety for your clients.

To see what else you need to do to run an agency in London then check out part 2 here.

Nottingham escorts

Night out with a Nottingham Escort

Nottingham is one of the most historic and beautiful cities in the East Midlands, it is an absolute buzz in the entertainment industry as going out on the town you are guaranteed to have and absolutely amazing time out. So here is a short list on having a night out with one of the stunningly gorgeous Nottingham escorts;

Starting off

An image of a Nottingham escort
A Nottingham escort

If you’re new to Nottingham that’s fine you can ask your beautiful Nottingham escort where the best cocktail bars are as they know the city like the back of their hand, or you can ask the receptionist when you make a booking. But if you’ve got somewhere in mind great! You’ll realise as soon as you get their your chosen Nottingham escort will be all over you, bombarding you with compliments and teasing you throughout your experience making sure you know what you’re in for tonight.

Moving on

A professional photograph of a Nottingham escort
Gorgeous Nottingham escort

So by now you’ve both had a few cocktails and have been to a few bars, you’re slowly getting into each other a lot more finding each other easily relatable as well as irresistible. She’ll be all over you and won’t leave you for a second teasing you with her adept conversationalist abilities and constantly toying, eventually wanting to learn your deepest and darkest desires so she exploit them later on in the night and make sure you’ll be thinking about her for weeks to come.

Finishing off!

A photograph of a Nottingham escort
Nottingham escort

So your night is coming to a close and you really don’t want it to end, so why not book you and your chosen Nottingham escort a room at a hotel and prepare for a night of seductively kinky fun. You’ll soon realise that this girl is the best of the best at her profession being a kinky minx that just wants to have fun, she won’t stop until you’re the happiest man on the planet and can’t wait to show you her tricks and talents. All our girls are extremely discreet so don’t worry about anyone knowing what you’ve done that night as you’ll to happy to complain anyway.

London escorts

Arrival of summer

We’ve made it through another winter. At long last, the clocks have changed, the temperatures are starting to become a little more clement, and we have the beginnings of light evenings. No more trudging home under the cloak of darkness. No more looking out the window, wondering if it’s 4pm or midnight. Sufferers of Seasonal Effective Disorder begin to emerge, blinking at the light, their cares finally over. Could there be any better time than this to experience the pleasures of gay escorts London? The warmth on our skin begins to make us feel more sensual, more passionate, more adventurous. It’s time to throw convention to the wind and embark on whatever your heart desires. For some, that will be trying a new restaurant, perhaps one with pavement seating. For others, lawn tennis and croquet start coming into their own again. And some of us will feel the call of the wild, and throw ourselves into new affairs, relationships, or other kinds of erotic encounters.

Gay escorts London are known for their striking good looks and their lack of inhibition. Sometimes, they can free you from restraint, helping you to view yourself in a brand new way. If you’ve been feeling stuck, penned in by wintry weather and with limited horizons, then booking a date with one of these gorgeous men could be just what you need to break out of your self-imposed prison. Now that the cold, damp and drizzle of autumn and winter are in the past, the moment has come to ask yourself what it is you want. One of the scourges it’s most important to liberate ourselves from is the worry about what others think of us. Some people live their lives guided by this repressing principle. The truth is, although we can certainly influence the way others see us, doing so is a hollow victory. We lose sight of who we are and we begin to become manipulative. How much freer we all would be if we dispensed with such concerns.

One way you can celebrate the arrival of summer while simultaneously changing the way you see yourself is to get together with gay escorts London. Some of them are stocky, others are clad in lean muscle. And some are in between. But what all of them share is a readiness to help their clients experience their true essences and no longer be lost in artifice and pretense. They are talented men who should almost be viewed as therapists. Once you’ve allowed yourself the indulgence of a day, afternoon or night with them, you won’t ever be quite the same; a subtle shift will have occurred, and you’ll have been spurred on to a new and better life.

London Tantric Massage

A Perfect Lesbian Massage Partner

Talking about an often-neglected field of the Tantric massage world, the lesbian massages. Too often does our industry focus on the needs of male clients and ignores the need for shared sensual pleasure and relaxation amongst women. The successful businesswomen, as well as celebrities, amongst our clients know that all ladies deserved to be spoiled. There is no better way to love yourself, ease stress or reward yourself for a recent success than to enjoy having your body worshipped by one of our many beautiful bi-sexual goddesses. Lest we forget, our girls also love their jobs and pleasuring another woman.

At Love Tantric London you may desire for the gorgeous, curvaceous Layla to be your masseuse. As well as being a stunning and diverse young woman, Layla is experienced in her professional and personal life. As a bi-sexual woman who relishes male and female relationships and sex she is well equipped to understand your body and meet your every need. What’s more she will love every minute of it as she is truly passionate about her job and relishes any opportunity to expertly pleasure another women. Curious or bisexual women in a relationship should consider how incredible Layla’s curves would look intertwined with your own as she provides her exotic massage experience, perhaps with your partner by your side, or feasting his eyes on this sight to behold.

Or if like some gentlewomen you prefer blondes, the gorgeous, slender Mia may be your perfect girl. With her elegant beauty and innate sense of style you are sure to have a lot in common. Known amongst the other girls for her cheerful manner and good energy she will be sure to brighten your day. With Australian and Swedish heritage, Mia is easy to connect with and provides an unparalleled experience to men, women and couples. She is particularly well equipped to help you distress after a long day with breathing techniques to practice during your massage for increased sensation as well as later in your day to day life.

All the beautiful girls at Love Tantric London happily openly declare their sexuality and delight in providing other women pleasure so you will be sure to find your ideal elite sensual massage experience here, with no inhabitations needed!

London escort agency

How to Become A successful Escort Agency

When you decide that you want to get involved in the escort industry you are going to want to know some key things to make a successful escort agency which is why we are here to help. The perfect example of a London escort agency that has popped up in the past year and have done everything they should do to make it as an escort agency and that is Casino London Models.

Well why have they made it in this industry that is so competitive well really it’s pretty simple if you visit their website, first of all from the first impression of the website it looks extremely professional which is giving the customer a trusted feeling when first visiting the website. The most important thing about you escort website which is where you will be getting all your business from remember is that it is extremely simple for the user to use and has everything you could ever need to know information wise and also beautiful girls as soon as you enter the homepage of the website. It is important to browse your competition and see what is everybody else doing and how can you improve what they are doing?

Another incredibly important thing to know about when starting up an escort agency is that your website is constantly being updated and growing in size as by doing this you are showing google that you are growing website in your industry and you website is being updated whether that be girl profiles or reviews of girls on your website. Having a variety of escorts to choose from is always important because each one of the people that visits your website is going to have different tastes in women so it is important to appeal to as a big a market as possible.