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Being Reminded.

There are many articles detailing how relationships end. Most of them talk about differences that were just irreconcilable which is a funny thing to thumbnail (8)think about. What differences can you find out about someone that you didn’t know about when you first got together with them? The truth is that people grow all the time and if we’re not careful we may grow apart. This doesn’t have to be the end of a relationship though, just because you two have fallen out of touch doesn’t mean you can’t still be in love. When talking to a friend who is a twice divorcee I asked her what had happened and she simply replied with ‘I couldn’t tell them what I wanted anymore.’ This wasn’t out of fear but more out of simply not knowing how to speak to one a
nother anymore. It seems like something so simple but truly the one thing that seems to drive people apart the most is lack of communication.

However you got there is irrelevant but if you really want things to not go south once you arrive at the fork in the road you have a choice to make. Either you fix it or bale. So if you want to fix it it’s time you get talking. Talking isn’t always easy but it’s 100% possible. If you don’t know where to start then how about the words ‘I want to get a tantric massage together’ yes, this will surely jolt your partner into existence. The truth is tantric massages, especially from reputable agencies such as London Tantric are a wonderful way to re-learn how to communicate, how to set boundaries, how to ask for what you want. The massage will also remind you both how nice it was to be close to each other physically. If you really feel like giving yourself a fighting chance then why not try something new, sexy, fun and, above all, an activity that will remind you just how much you truly love each other.

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Shemale Escorts at Yummy London Escorts

Yummy London Escorts is an agency exclusively featuring the best and most beautiful Shemale London escorts, available for your booking pleasure in the city, they also have have a delightful range of gorgeous Asian escorts in London, their gallery has many pages to find a fantastic companion to spend some time with. Yummy Escorts London is a popular choice for ladies and gentlemen who are seeking some adult affection in London.

TS Richey - Yummy London Escorts
TS Richey – Yummy London Escorts

Yummy London Escorts specialize in Shemale Escorts sometimes referred to as T-girls or lady-boys and have developed a fine roster of different Shemale escorts who work throughout the city and surrounding areas. Their gallery is setup so users can browse through their collection of profiles to ensure they get the service they want, the profiles are detailed with Person details, escort rates, reviews and a bio for each of the escorts further ensuring customer satisfaction. Their services range from someone to pass time with to someone to enjoy an NSA relationship with, they also allow customer to book two escorts for one booking.

TS Betty - Yummy London Escorts
TS Betty – Yummy London Escorts

The agency also contains very important information on their blog section for beginners in which will help a lot as they cover many areas that can be sensitive to mention but equally significant, they cover areas on the legalities of Escorting, how to book an appointment with the agency, escort rates and what is an acceptable payment method. All previous points made will help any newcomer with any questions they may have, upholding a high quality of customer service by ensuring they get exactly what they want from the service.

Grace - Yummy London Escorts
Grace – Yummy London Escorts

Overall Yummy London Escorts is a great example if you’re looking for Asian or Shemale Escorts, they provide to the demand of the service very well by upholding a very professional outlook on their business and fill the niche they’ve found extremely well. They support new customers/users with loads of important information and handle their customer service very well with their experience. If you want to set up an encounter with a London Shemale, go to Yummy’s Shemale gallery and see what they have to offer.

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Starting an escort agency in London.

So you want to start up and escort agency in London, well welcome to the blog post that you never knew you need to read. You may be wondering what does this random person on the internet know about running an escort agency in London well in fact I know quite a bit about and I have actually ran one for the last 8 months called Companion Concierge. If you want to check it out then head to the website but this blog post isn’t about the agency I run at all in fact we are going to be talking about what you need to know before you start up an agency.

If you have never worked as an escort in London then you are probably off to a pretty bad start as you have no idea what the industry is like. I have seen so many people just come from there normal 9-5 job and set up an agency for it to flop 6 months down the line. If you don’t want to work as an escort before you setup your agency then see if you can speak to a current or former escort so you get a sense for the industry so you don’t approach the situation completely wrong.

You are going to need more than one girl or its just not going to work. As there are so many escort agencies in London you have to compete with all of them if you want to be the one that gets a booking this means you have to have a large selection of companions on display. Try and go for girls who offer something different now that doesn’t mean they all have to be different just that some off them have to offer services or look a certain way from the rest. For example there is no point starting an agency where all the girls have the same physical appearance I.e. brunette hair, blue eyes and perfect proportions as there is not variety for your clients.

To see what else you need to do to run an agency in London then check out part 2 here.

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Night out with a Nottingham Escort

Nottingham is one of the most historic and beautiful cities in the East Midlands, it is an absolute buzz in the entertainment industry as going out on the town you are guaranteed to have and absolutely amazing time out. So here is a short list on having a night out with one of the stunningly gorgeous Nottingham escorts;

Starting off 

If you’re new to Nottingham that’s fine you can ask your beautiful Nottingham escort where the best cocktail bars are as they know the city like the back of their hand, or you can ask the receptionist when you make a booking. But if you’ve got somewhere in mind great! You’ll realise as soon as you get their your chosen Nottingham escort will be all over you, bombarding you with compliments and teasing you throughout your experience making sure you know what you’re in for tonight.

Moving on 

So by now you’ve both had a few cocktails and have been to a few bars, you’re slowly getting into each other a lot more finding each other easily relatable as well as irresistible. She’ll be all over you and won’t leave you for a second teasing you with her adept conversationalist abilities and constantly toying, eventually wanting to learn your deepest and darkest desires so she exploit them later on in the night and make sure you’ll be thinking about her for weeks to come.

Finishing off! 

So your night is coming to a close and you really don’t want it to end, so why not book you and your chosen Nottingham escort a room at a hotel and prepare for a night of seductively kinky fun. You’ll soon realise that this girl is the best of the best at her profession being a kinky minx that just wants to have fun, she won’t stop until you’re the happiest man on the planet and can’t wait to show you her tricks and talents. All our girls are extremely discreet so don’t worry about anyone knowing what you’ve done that night as you’ll to happy to complain anyway.

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Arrival of summer

We’ve made it through another winter. At long last, the clocks have changed, the temperatures are starting to become a little more clement, and we have the beginnings of light evenings. No more trudging home under the cloak of darkness. No more looking out the window, wondering if it’s 4pm or midnight. Sufferers of Seasonal Effective Disorder begin to emerge, blinking at the light, their cares finally over. Could there be any better time than this to experience the pleasures of gay escorts London? The warmth on our skin begins to make us feel more sensual, more passionate, more adventurous. It’s time to throw convention to the wind and embark on whatever your heart desires. For some, that will be trying a new restaurant, perhaps one with pavement seating. For others, lawn tennis and croquet start coming into their own again. And some of us will feel the call of the wild, and throw ourselves into new affairs, relationships, or other kinds of erotic encounters.

Gay escorts London are known for their striking good looks and their lack of inhibition. Sometimes, they can free you from restraint, helping you to view yourself in a brand new way. If you’ve been feeling stuck, penned in by wintry weather and with limited horizons, then booking a date with one of these gorgeous men could be just what you need to break out of your self-imposed prison. Now that the cold, damp and drizzle of autumn and winter are in the past, the moment has come to ask yourself what it is you want. One of the scourges it’s most important to liberate ourselves from is the worry about what others think of us. Some people live their lives guided by this repressing principle. The truth is, although we can certainly influence the way others see us, doing so is a hollow victory. We lose sight of who we are and we begin to become manipulative. How much freer we all would be if we dispensed with such concerns.

One way you can celebrate the arrival of summer while simultaneously changing the way you see yourself is to get together with gay escorts London. Some of them are stocky, others are clad in lean muscle. And some are in between. But what all of them share is a readiness to help their clients experience their true essences and no longer be lost in artifice and pretense. They are talented men who should almost be viewed as therapists. Once you’ve allowed yourself the indulgence of a day, afternoon or night with them, you won’t ever be quite the same; a subtle shift will have occurred, and you’ll have been spurred on to a new and better life.

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A Perfect Lesbian Massage Partner

Talking about an often-neglected field of the Tantric massage world, the lesbian massages. Too often does our industry focus on the needs of male clients and ignores the need for shared sensual pleasure and relaxation amongst women. The successful businesswomen, as well as celebrities, amongst our clients know that all ladies deserved to be spoiled. There is no better way to love yourself, ease stress or reward yourself for a recent success than to enjoy having your body worshipped by one of our many beautiful bi-sexual goddesses. Lest we forget, our girls also love their jobs and pleasuring another woman.

ss+(2016-03-23+at+03.21.39)At Love Tantric London you may desire for the gorgeous, curvaceous Layla to be your masseuse. As well as being a stunning and diverse young woman, Layla is experienced in her professional and personal life. As a bi-sexual woman who relishes male and female relationships and sex she is well equipped to understand your body and meet your every need. What’s more she will love every minute of it as she is truly passionate about her job and relishes any opportunity to expertly pleasure another women. Curious or bisexual women in a relationship should consider how incredible Layla’s curves would look intertwined with your own as she provides her exotic massage experience, perhaps with your partner by your side, or feasting his eyes on this sight to behold.

Or if like some gentlewomen you prefer blondes, the gorgeous, slender Mia may be your perfect girl. With her elegant beauty and innate sense of style you are sure to have a lot in common. Known amongst the other girls for her cheerful manner and good energy she will be sure to brighten your day. With Australian and Swedish heritage, Mia is easy to connect with and provides an unparalleled experience to men, women and couples. She is particularly well equipped to help you distress after a long day with breathing techniques to practice during your massage for increased sensation as well as later in your day to day life.

All the beautiful girls at Love Tantric London happily openly declare their sexuality and delight in providing other women pleasure so you will be sure to find your ideal elite sensual massage experience here, with no inhabitations needed!

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How to Become A successful Escort Agency

When you decide that you want to get involved in the escort industry you are going to want to know some key things to make a successful escort agency which is why we are here to help. The perfect example of a London escort agency that has popped up in the past year and have done everything they should do to make it as an escort agency and that is Casino London Models.

Well why have they made it in this industry that is so competitive well really it’s pretty simple if you visit their website, first of all from the first impression of the website it looks extremely professional which is giving the customer a trusted feeling when first visiting the website. The most important thing about you escort website which is where you will be getting all your business from remember is that it is extremely simple for the user to use and has everything you could ever need to know information wise and also beautiful girls as soon as you enter the homepage of the website. It is important to browse your competition and see what is everybody else doing and how can you improve what they are doing?

Another incredibly important thing to know about when starting up an escort agency is that your website is constantly being updated and growing in size as by doing this you are showing google that you are growing website in your industry and you website is being updated whether that be girl profiles or reviews of girls on your website. Having a variety of escorts to choose from is always important because each one of the people that visits your website is going to have different tastes in women so it is important to appeal to as a big a market as possible.

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Visit Wales: A series of places to bring your escort to in Cardiff

Whenever I take a trip to Wales, I always plan a bunch of places and locations to visit with whichever escort I have booked to accompany me on my vacation. Over the years I’ve visited many haunts in Cardiff, pubs, bars, monuments, museums, churches; if you’ve heard of it I’ve probably taken one of my Cardiff escorts there. Which is strange, because whenever I go abroad I tends to take a clean slate with me and just wander aimlessly. Because of my comprehensive time spent in Wales, especially in the city of Cardiff I am in a unique position to hand out my wisdom and opinion on the subject of being a tourist in this area. This article will outline a few of my favorite locations I’ve visited on my forays to the land of the Welsh. Please bear in mind that I shall tailor this list specifically in the context of a good place to go with an escort in Cardiff.

Nice visual of the Mermaid Quay in Cardiff

A somewhat random list of good Cardiff locations to bring your escort

  • Take a charming stroll along Mermaid Quay. I must say I’ve never been particularly fond of walking or surprise exercise, but going for a little walkabout along the waterfront and maybe a nice reservation at a decent restaurant is definitely a wonderful way to spend an entire day. There are plenty of shops, bars, and numerous other events and activities in the area, you will really be spoilt for choice on the Mermaid Quay.
  • Watch a show at the New Theatre. A former escort of mine rustled up this idea on one of our sabbaticals, and we were pleasantly surprised by some great performances. I highly recommend watching something you haven’t seen before!
  • The Cardiff Story. My last trip to Cardiff featured a brief visit to the Cardiff Story museum and I thought it warranted a mention. It’s got some pretty cool exhibits that might be up your alley, quite a lot of interesting history stuff too!
  • Catch a performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. It might be a little difficult to line up your trip to Cardiff with a good musical performance at this massive and gorgeous venue, but it’s definitely worth it. An orchestral performance at this college is a really brilliant place to bring your Cardiff escort for a romantic evening.
  • Go shopping in Cardiff bay. There’s really no better place in Wales to shop than Cardiff bay. Whether you plan to splurge cash on your escort or just buy some toiletries, seriously consider having a wander around the bay. It’s a hub of activity and there’s plenty of local sights to see.
  • Grab a ticket and hop on one of the boat or ferry trips available in Cardiff. Nobody likes bus tours, and going on a dull tour in a bus around the city is pretty much the number one way to not only bore yourself, but your Cardiff escort too. However, if you grab some of the many cruise tickets available in Cardiff, you’re set for a pleasant journey and you can even knock back a few drinks.

Beautiful shot of the Welsh Royal College

Do any of these ideas sound appealing to you?

The goal of this article wasn’t particularly to lead you and your escort directly to the perfect things to do in Cardiff, but more to give you a few ideas and spark your imagination. Wales has plenty more to offer than the activities listed above. It’s up to you to find something to suit you and your escorts tastes!

London escorts

The Best Places in London for Your Escort Booking.

London is a huge place, which can make your booking with a high class escort just that little bit more difficult than it might be in other places. There are countless hotels, countless restaurants and an almost infinite number of bars which leaves you with more choices than you know what to do with, which can be a little bit overwhelming if you’re just in the area on a business trip. Fear not however, in this article I will be highlighting a few escorting hotspots that would be excellent places to consider for your evening. These are all based a little on my personal preference but I will be trying to get a bit of variety in there.

24722291Now, an important thing to consider is always your accommodation. This doesn’t really apply if you’re looking more for a romantic, candlelit dinner date with some exotic beauty, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth thinking about. Who knows where your evening could take you? With this in mind, my first recommendation is probably one of the most regurgitated hotels in this kind of article, but it is too great of an option to leave out. I am of course talking about the Ritz, a hotel boasting both luxury and class, which is obviously a great option if you’re booking one of the more high class escorts from agencies such as Demoiselle London. However if you’re on more of a tight budget, you can find another great hotel in the Kensington Park Grand hotel. This is a hotel which provides excellent value for money with spacious and comfortable rooms, although it might lack that little touch of elegance that the Ritz can really show off about.

There are plenty of restaurants to consider too, one I would recommend would be the Five Fields, a pub which serves excellent food in a great atmosphere, which makes for a really good setting to break the ice in comfort. However if you’re looking for that touch of class you might be better off with one of the more famous restaurants, such as the Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, where you can find world class food, prepared by celebrity chefs who can provide some of the most exquisite dishes in sizeable portions to make sure nobody leaves hungry.

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Best Attractions in Newcastle

Newcastle being a very popular and affluent city in the north east there can be many attractions that bring people here, so here is a short list of the sights in Newcastle;

River escapes 

Perfect for the tourist, during the day river escapes complete trips through the bridges of the Tyne showing you the sights from on board their little river cruise, the ship also contains a bar having a few snacks as well as beverages to offer, during the evening the ship can also be turned into a party boat offering music, drinks, a buffet and a party all on one boat, you can also have corporate cruises, festive cruises and celebration cruises. East Quayside Pontoon, Newcastle Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 3DX

Discovery Museum 

Opening in 1899 as you first walk in museum you’ll first see the Turbina a 34 metre steam operated boat which was once the fastest ship in the world, next you’ll find exhibitions on scientific and technological advancements and also an exhibition on the earliest history of Newcastle starting in the Roman occupation of Britain to the early millennium, the first floor is dedicated to the industrial era and maritime past with the start and finish of a soldiers life in Newcastle. Discovery Museum, Blandford Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4JA

Victoria Tunnel 

The Victoria tunnel is a 19th century waggonway spanning under the city to transport coal, in 1939 it was converted into a an air raid shelter to protect thousands of citizens during the war, in 2008 it was repaired and opened for tours and some tours can take 2 hours at most, it is advisable to wear a warm jacket as the tunnel is constantly at 12 degrees c and also wear suitable shoes as it can be muddy in places. Arch 6, Stepney Bank, Tyne & Wear. NE1 2NP

Newcastle Escorts

Newcastle has some of the most beautiful women and the Newcastle Escorts have the best in Newcastle, these girls are gorgeous, beautiful and stunning and know how to make a man smile whatever the case, they’re the best of the best in their profession and can show you a thing or two about a good night.